The Wormoji Lore

Wormojis are just about to break out from deep down, where they are tirelessly working on collecting and bringing up huge amounts of ETH from the mines down below to reward their new owners in exchange for providing them shelter in their wallets.

Wormojis will be an NFT collection of 6666 PFP style artwork living on the Ethereum blockchain, providing real beneficial utilities, a solid roadmap, bright future and most importantly: TRUE VALUE to their holders.

Join our helpful and loving community by following us on Twitter, other socials and look for random Discord invitation links.

We decided to release limited invite links, so we are able to get to know each and every one of you one by one, establishing a solid foundation for our community.

The Roadmap

Wormoji Breakout (Date TBA)

Wormojis DAO establishment

Multi signatory community treasury

Community Rewards Program introduction

Wormojis Exclusive Pass

Merch drop

Tokenomics (Token and Wormoji hibernation burrows introduction)

Wormojis V2 (Otherside Metaverse compatible avatar 1/1 ratio free claim for holders)

Wormoji World (play to earn)

Roadmap revision consistly

Let us surprise you with the rest!


Full IP rights

DAO votes

Community Rewards Program benefits

Raffle entry for Wormojis Exclusive Pass WL

Discount on merch

Future WL for exclusive collection drops

Passive income and additional perks by “hibernating”

Wormojis V2 free claim

Wormoji World land drop

Additional exclusive utilities based on “hibernation length”